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  • What marketing professors say

    Ariyh does an excellent job at translating our academic research into clear and actionable advice.

    Norbert Schwarz

    Norbert Schwarz - Provost Professor

    Marshall School of Business, USC

  • What marketing professors say

    Too many marketers rely on biased opinions and distorted data. Finally a scientific approach!

    Stefano Puntoni

    Stefano Puntoni - Professor of Marketing

    The Wharton School, UPenn

  • What other evidence-based marketers say

    Extremely useful recommendations. They’re also a great conversation starter!

    Gabriella Aaraujo

    Gabriella Aaraujo - Google

    Senior Product Marketing Manager

  • What other evidence-based marketers say

    Actionable quality insights are rare. We use Ariyh to inform our strategy and optimize our tactics.

    Caroline Cadwell

    Caroline Cadwell - Carts Guru

    Chief Revenue Officer

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  • Myth
    “Invite a friend to get $20 off” is the best incentive.

    “Give your friend a discount” referrals work 86% better.
    People want to help their friends, not profit from them.

  • Myth
    Use “We’re happy to help” when speaking to customers.

    “I” instead of “We”increases satisfaction and sales. 92% of managers use “We” because of a 1982 study.


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